Раффаэлло про Лайт Бла Рафаэлло Про Лт.2,5

Раффаэлло про Лайт Бла Рафаэлло Про Лт.2,5 для лодок по самой низкой цене. Raffaello is a top grade, high performance antifouling with a hydrophilic matrix, with a high content of copper compounds, as well as an addition of pure carbon particles, which provide both excellent antifouling protection and drag reduction in all conditions. Effective in warm and temperate seawater, brackish and fresh water. Raffaello is self-polishing with progressive solubility and therefore suitable for medium-speed motor boats as well as for sailboats. The thickness of this antifouling is reduced progressively during service, avoiding an excessive increase of the antifouling layer also after the application of several coats. Only the white Raffaello is suitable for aluminium boats. Theoretical yield 10-12,5 sq.m./lt. ,

Раффаэлло про Лайт Бла Рафаэлло Про Лт.2,5. Veneziani. 2-B-6463140.

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Раффаэлло про Лайт Бла Рафаэлло Про Лт.2,5

  • Производитель: Veneziani
  • Модель: 2-B-6463140
  • Наличие: Доставка за 15 рабочих дней

  • Technical data
  • 255,00€
  • Цены указаны с НДС

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